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Informational Websites

It is hard to find good, trustworthy content on the internet. Here are a few great sites to check out for more information.

  • - Information for mothers on all things breastfeeding. Available in Englinsh and Spanish.
  • - Do you own a business? If so, support the pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in your workplace by becoming designated through this Texas program.
  • -A website for health-care providers that offers great evidence-based information.
  • - Office of Women's Health, US Department of Health & Human Services

Local Resources

Texas Lactation Support Hotline (for moms and health-care providers)  1-855-550-6667

Outpatient Lactation Support Centers (free lactation visits for all moms)

 Mom’s Place- Austin
8701-B Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758
512-972-6700, Facebook Page

Lactation Foundation- Houston
2636 South Loop West #135
Houston, TX 77054
713-500-2800, Facebook Page

Lactation Care Center of Dallas
2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 188
Dallas, TX 75207
1-855-550-6667 (Texas Lactation Support Hotline), Facebook Page

Lactation Care Center Rio Grande Valley- McAllen 
3001 B, 23rd Street, Suite 2
McAllen, TX 7850
956-292-7711 Facebook Page


Mental Health

Military Support

La Leche League

Texas Tech Infant Risk Center- Information on safe medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding