My story

My busy nest

  You can ask any women who’s been pregnant or has nursed or expressed milk for their baby what that was like- and she can tell you with great detail- no matter her age or stage in life. It’s one of the things that we just don’t forget. And when it works out well, we can be transported back in time and embrace those feelings and emotions as if it happened yesterday. The same can be said for when it doesn’t go well.  Like many IBCLC’s before me, I became passionate about helping breastfeeding mothers after experiencing my own troubles with nursing. After the birth of my second son, I needed help and was ready to stop feeding altogether because of the pain I was having. I had previously nursed a child without incident, so why the difficulty this time around? I reached out to a nurse IBCLC friend of mine that showed me how to work through our issues and it completely changed my life. I went on to have a great experience with my son and the two babies that came after him.   

Phone a friend!

  Every mother should have that friend to reach out to when they need help. Because of the missing generations of knowledge in our society today, many women have little to no support in the first days and weeks of breastfeeding. Knowledge, that in the past, came from our mothers, aunts, sisters and girlfriends. Those early weeks after delivery is the time when most mothers make the decision to “stick with it”, so receiving the right information at the right time can mean everything. When a mother doesn’t reach the personal goal she’s established for feeding her baby, she never forgets it.   

Experience you can trust

  I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2009. I have worked in the hospital setting (both rural and urban), at the community level as a private practice IBCLC and breastfeeding educator, and at the state level working with healthcare providers to improve their support for breastfeeding mothers in their practice. I value each mother-baby dyad that I’ve worked with- they’ve helped me to shape my practice and each consult teaches me more about the unique dance that is breastfeeding. The art of breastfeeding is a natural process, but like any other artform, it takes practice. I’m here to help.